BMW X1 Xdrive Review


Sporty and spirited engine BMW X1 Xdrive

The usual traits of BMW X1 Xdriveincluded a sporty suspension with thelively engine and accompanied with precise steering.

  • Review
  • The BMW X1 Xdrive is an dream for the sports car lover. It is now in the support procreation, and the emulous cars are Mercedes-Benz GLA, Lexus NX, and Audi Q3. The national is exceptionally designed and prefabricated up of high-quality tools. You will surely seek strapping. The room tally been restricted than the previous posture, and it is now superior edition.
  • It is surely beatific to move with lot of seize. The quatern revolve travel method module cater higher rate.The car is advisable transistorised with iDrive infotainment, direction system, leather control helm, electrically operated kick and air conditioning scheme.


  • Engine

The engine consists of one petrol and three diesel. The engine is turbocharged and lie under £130 per year with tax. The twin turbo engine of BMW X1 Xdrive is for the low and high revs. It is 231bhp and will shift 1575kg with the smootheight-speed auto box. The engine is soundless than the last generation BMW.


  • Specifications

The new X1 car is 53mm taller, 38mm shorter and 23mm wider as compared to the old car. The handling of the car is very easy because it lets you have precise steering. Any person can easily balance the vehicle with the grip provided by the tires. It is acomfortable and well-furnished car. The car is spacious and provides extra leg room for adults especially. You do not have to bend down to get the things out from the crossover. The separate sides offer optional slide seating.

  • Price

The price of BMW X1 Xdrive $56,500


  • Features

The car is well equipped and provides refined interior. It runs smoothly especially in the automatic mode and the gear changes with pace and precision. No doubt the car is very comfortable, and you will not feel jerks. It is the best seller and will reach 62mph in 7.6 seconds. It contains large wheels which will provide reliable drive and the luxurious interior surely worth the price.

It includes lots of handy touches with comfortable room in the back. No one can directly comment on its safety and reliable options.