First Time in Singapore? Your Guide to Taxis and Ridesharing

First Time in Singapore

Singapore is one of the easiest cities to get around with its range of transportation options. As a first time visitor, here is an overview of using taxis and ridesharing apps to navigate the island city-state.

First Time in Singapore

Booking Taxis

One of the most convenient ways to get a taxi is to pre-book one. You can schedule a Maxi Cab Singapore ride within seconds over the phone, or via the Maxicabtaxiinsingapore website or apps. This is especially useful for group trips or late night travels. Just input your pickup location and time to reserve a taxi.

Hailing Street Taxis

If you’re alone or in a small group, you can hail empty street taxis. Keep an eye out for taxis with their “For Hire” signs lit up. Make eye contact with the driver and confirm availability before getting in. Never assume a parked taxi is free – always politely ask first.

Using Taxi Stands

Busy areas like Orchard Road, Sentosa and Changi Airport have designated taxi stands. Look for signs or ask locals to point you towards the stands. This ensures you don’t have to wait long for an available taxi. Just mention your destination to the first driver in line.

Ridesharing Apps

For spontaneous individual trips, try ridesharing apps. Popular options are Grab and Gojek which work like taxi bookings via your phone. Fares are usually cheaper than regular taxis. Just download the app, enter your pickup and destination points to invite available drivers. Simple and affordable!

Estimating Fares

Whether taxi or rideshare, the base fares and rates per kilometer are standard. Check notices in the vehicle or apps for approximate costs upfront to avoid surprises later. Long trips or traffic jams may attract surcharges too so keep extra cash handy just in case.

Payment Methods

Most taxis and drivers accept cash payment in Singapore dollars. But paying by credit card via the meter/app is now common too for the convenience. Have small bills ready if paying cash to avoid incorrect change. Foreign cards may require a minimum amount.

Drivers are familiar with local roads so you may not need directions. But do inform them of your destination landmark to double check. Speak up clearly if you wish to make additional stops. The driver can advise efficient routes and suggest nearby attractions too.

Taxi Etiquette

Be polite and courteous to drivers at all times. Avoid disruptive behaviors inside vehicles. Maintain personal hygiene by not eating, drinking excessively or being overly loud. Tipping is optional but valued for great service. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the stress-free rides!

Maxi Cabs for Groups

For families or big groups, pre-booking a Maxi Cab Singapore taxi ensures comfortable travel with extra legroom. Maxi cabs accommodating up to 7 passengers are ideal for multi-destination tours where changing vehicles is inconvenient. Their reliable door-to-door service offers a hassle-free Singapore experience.