Do you want to experience a fantastic ride? You should consider our outstanding all-terrain E-bike — the Lion, which is one of our Funbike best-selling products. The Lion E-bike has excellent performance. The new features and newer technology in this E-bike will make you want to go off-road in no time! 


There are some prominent advantages of the Lion: 

  • One of the best fat tire electric bike

The Lion has 26.0″ X 4.0″ tires. Owning fat tires allow it to ride on both smooth asphalt and rocky mountain roads. A fat tire e-bike is one with tires that are at least twice the thickness of standard tires, increasing their ability to travel over a wider range of surfaces. Because of their durability, fat tires offer major advantages when it comes to utilizing them off-road. Moreover, fat-tire e-bikes usually have lower maintenance cost due to their durable tires.

  • Powerful motors and smooth acceleration

Motors are the main component of an electric bike. With the 48V 750W rear motor and the speed sensor, the Lion will make you feel the speed and passion. The max speed of Lion E-bike is 45km/h. The powerful motor makes this e-bike ride smoothly and quickly even on rough roads. Cycling enthusiasts should definitely check out this electric bike!

  • Hydraulic disc brake

Hydraulic disc brakes can often produce better stopping forces than mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes multiply the amount of force you have to squeeze the lever. That means that hydraulic bike brakes produce more braking force than you can put in the system. As a result, electric bikes are much more efficient with the hydraulic brakes. 

  • High range and high max load

The lion has a max range of 52-81km. Factors such as different riding scenarios can make the max range vary. The max load of Lion is 110kg. It’s very inclusive. 

  • Multi-functional smart display

The display can be quickly released. In the setting mode, you can adjust the power display, brightness, inch and metric conversion, operating voltage, sleep time, PAS level, wheel size, speed limit, and driving range. As a result, you can change the mode quickly and efficiently based on your preference. 

  • Easy to ride

Funbike Lion electric bike has an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. Moreover, this electric bike has no top tube, so women can easily start riding. One of the biggest advantages of an e-bike throttle assist is the ability to activate the bike’s motor without pedaling. This means you can start starting a ride much faster and easier.

  • Affordable price with beautiful shape

Lion e-bike has the tail light embedded into frame, which makes the e-bike more attractive. Unlike the car, electric bikes cost much less. Now the Lion only costs $2000. Furthermore, we now have limited coupon for new customers! Use the code “FunbikeLion” to get $50 off on one E-bike! 

In a word, if you want an electric bike that is both beautiful and comfortable to ride, Lion must be one of your best choices! Whether you compare electric bikes in terms of body structure, braking system, acceleration system, etc., Lion is a great choice. Even if you are a beginner in electric bikes, Lion is the the right option for you!