Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney: What to Consider and When to Get Help

Truck Accident Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a collision with a commercial vehicle can quickly become complex – this is why retaining a seasoned truck accident attorney is wise. Here are some tips for choosing counsel.

Truck Accident Attorney

Experience Level

Give preference to lawyers who exclusively handle truck accident cases. Ask about their win/loss record. More experienced attorneys will know nuances of commercial carrier liability.

Practice Area Location

While they can work across state lines, an attorney based near the crash site may have better access to investigating the accident scene, witnesses and other evidence resources.

Consultation Process

Meet with potential counsel to assess communication style and comfort level. A good fit is important. Most attorneys provide free initial consultations.

Areas of Specialty

Some lawyers specialize in certain types of trucks like oil tankers or have extra expertise with issues like driver fatigue regulations. Match your case needs.

Financial Arrangements

Many plaintiff lawyers work on a contingency basis, only getting paid if you receive a settlement. Ensure you understand fees up front. Some may offer payment plans.

Online & Social Proof

Check an attorney’s website, Google reviews and ratings on Avvo. Look for consistent positive client feedback and honors/awards in the field.

When is it Time?

Consider contacting an attorney within the first few days after an accident to report the incident, discuss evidence preservation and establish medical care.

Some signs it’s time for legal guidance include insurance claim denial or lowball offer, serious injury scope, identifying negligence factors, upcoming legal deadlines and complex litigation signs. An attorney can help navigate next steps. Finding a reputable and experienced truck accident attorney gives injured victims an invaluable ally when pursuing compensation through insurance or litigation. Make sure to select counsel wisely for the best representation.