Importance of Power-train Control Module in Electronic Injection Vehicle

Power-train Control

With the consolidation of the electronic injection in the automotive market, it is fundamental that the professional repairer knows in detail how this system works. One of its main components is the Power-train Control Module (PCM) / Engine Control Module (ECM).

Also known as the Electronic Control Unit (UCE), it is the brain of the electronic injection system. Follow this post to know better what it is and what its importance is.

Power-train Control

Understand the operation of electronic injection

It is imperative to know how the electronic injection works to understand the importance of the Engine Control Module. In addition to the ECM, the injection system comprises the set of sensors and the actuators.

For example, fuel injection to take place optimally, the sensors analyze various aspects of engine operation, such as temperature, pressure, speed and the mixing of the gases present in the combustion.

This information is sent directly to ECM, which uses them to efficiently control the operation of the actuators – fuel pump, injector nozzles, spark coil, cooling fan, stepper motor and canister purge valve. That is why this component is also known as the brain of the electronic injection system – as we mentioned at the beginning of the text.

The components of the PCM usually have good durability, but care must be taken to correctly identify possible problems that may occur.

They can be caused by problems in powering, grounding or short circuiting their connections. High temperatures, vibrations and corrosion can also damage the module.

If the diagnosis indicates the need for Mercedes PCM replacement or repair, you will need to take a few steps to hire a professional company. In order for the new injection module to be recognized by the vehicle, it must be programmed with the same data as ex-factory.

Divergence in this information may prevent the engine from working and even conflict with the anti-theft systems in some vehicles.