Need A Long-Lasting Garage Door? Here Are Some Tips To Increase Its Lifespan

Garage Door Repair Mill Valley, Novato

Keeping the garage door in the perfect condition after 14 to 15 years is a really tough task that demands a lot of effort. However, making time for garage door maintenance is very easy.

If you can’t repair and maintain the door yourself, you have the option to hire garage door service. If you are willing to use your door for a lifetime, then here are some tips that you must follow.

Garage Door Repair Mill Valley, Novato

Inspect it frequently

A visual inspection is a great thing to start with the maintenance. Have a look at your door, including chains, springs, rollers, tracks, locks, and all other parts.

If you find out any issues, make sure to address them as soon as possible. If there is some problem with the springs, hire garage door spring replacement Mill Valley service.

Lubricate the parts

The basic maintenance will make sure that your frozen garage door is functioning smoothly and there is no noise as well.

You should oil all the moving parts once a month by using a high-quality lubricant. Lubrication will add extra years to the lifespan of your door.

Keep it clean

It does not matter what type of material is used for making your door, you should clean it twice a year with lukewarm water and a sponge to prevent the dirt and grime build-up.

It will also keep the door in a good-looking state. If you have a steel door, while cleaning the door, you will be able to spot the rust forming. If you find out rusting, hire garage door repair Novato service immediately.

Hire garage door service

It is good to inspect and repair the door yourself, but to keep your door in a well-functioning condition, you must hire garage door service once a year.

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