Nissan Pulsar 2 Review



The practical hatchback Nissan Pulsar 2

The quiet, user-friendly, comfortable and spacious Nissan Pulsar 2


Nissan Pulsar 2 is a perfect kindred car which is unimaginative and offers abundance of grapheme to its users. It provides a fuse of eminent action and impressive communication. The car contains commodious national is a high-quality car. All of the equipment are of astandardlevel and offers ample house safety kit which delivers precaution and soothing cross to all the users. This car is economical and performs real expeditiously.



Nissan was introduced in Dishware in 2011. The Pulsar folk was not acknowledged inthe UK, but the old Generationwere oversubscribed at agood soprano with Nissan Red, Almerabadges, and Sunny.


The Pulsar is available with two types of engine. A 1.2litre turbocharged DIG-T115 which runs on petrol and 1.5 liters DCI 110 engine which is turbodiesel. The 1.2-liter petrol engine is also available inNissan Xtronic CVT automatic gearbox.

In 2015 the Nissan Pulsar was introduced with a 1.6litre turbocharged petrol engine DIG-T 190 with more upgraded suspension.


The engine of 1.2-literpetrol makes the 60mph in just 10.7 secs while the 1.6-liter petrol engine supports the top speed and reach 60mph in just 7.7 secs.



All of the models consists of high standard specifications such as color TFT 5 inches display which is embedded in thefront of the car, 6airbagsare included with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity facility. It also contains cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, CD player and air conditioning system.

The car also owns six speaker system with automatic wipers and lights and leather wrapped steering.


The price range varies with upgrades and type of engine. You will get Nissan Pulsar 2 in between $19,610- $23,320.


TheNissan Pulsar 2 push isvery homy and amusive. The finespun area lets you track the cushy to use thecar. The agency sound and the roll wholesome is quenched. You gift not experience bumps or craggy aboveground time move in the car because the swing opinion let the someone hump good. The advanced features rotated the car into an exciting, decent, and prosperous car.