What Way Do You Turn Your Wheels When Parking Uphill?

What Way Do You Turn Your Wheels When Parking Uphill

This question seems quite complicated, but the process of parking uphill is very simple. It just involves turning the steering wheel in one direction or the other. So, when you are on an uphill slant, and you have your car pulled over, one thing you have to consider is turning the steering wheel away from the curb. 

What Way Do You Turn Your Wheels When Parking Uphill

For example, if the curb is on the right-hand side of your car, you have to rotate the steering wheel to the left, away from the curb. You are going to turn the steering wheel all the way away from the curb, all the way in the opposite direction. First, pull the brake, put your car in neutral mode and then turn the steering wheel in the direction away from the curb. Put your car in low gear and also put the parking brake on. 

Care should be taken while parking your vehicle uphill. First, make sure your vehicle is in full maintenance and tiers are in good condition, preferably Tyres Campbellfield. When parking uphill, gravity works opposite you. Proper precautions are very necessary; otherwise, your car may roll down, resulting in severe accidents. 

That is why make sure to turn wheels in the right directions, and the wheels should be in good condition like Wheels Campbellfield and handbrake should be engaged properly. Tyres Campbellfield and wheels Campbellfield are of very good quality and good strength, confirming the safety of you and your journey.

Some more precautions include:

  • While parking, please be sure that you leave enough space behind your vehicle; you can say a full car’s length space. This will allow your vehicle to reverse into the curb. 
  • If there is no curb, then turn your vehicle wheels towards the edge of the road. 
  • Before leaving your car, please be sure that it is in brake mode.