BMW M3 Review – A Bespoke Sports Car with Great Performance


In a nutshell, the BMW M3 is an ideal sports car designed with present day’s needs in mind, offering remarkable performance and superb thirst. The car combines everything required to take your riding to the whole new level. If you’re after something sophisticated and performance, BMW M3 could be the right option for you.

Featuring a space capacity of four people, the BMW M3 comes with impressive refinement and improved handling to bring you an ultimate car driving experience on the go. The fuel consumption might sound you a little less compared to other cars available in the market. The official fuel economy is 22.8 mpg that could have been improved.


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When it comes to performance, the BMW M3 coupe is backed by a powerful 4.0-liter V8 engine capable of producing 415 bhp and the maximum torque of 295 Ib ft. The vehicle responds very well in any gear, no matter what the speed is. The soundtrack is just amazing and has the ability to attract others walking on the sidewalks. It can reach up to 62mph within 4.8 seconds, thanks to its powerful engine and overall construction.


Changes have been done to its all suspension components that are made from high quality, lightweight aluminum. Nearly everything is bespoke and perfectly engineered to improve car’s overall performance. The chassis is amazingly grippy, responsive and beautifully balanced, and the steering is also well weighted and precise. The M3’s cabin is quite awesome, however a little wind noise could be heard due to the frameless side windows.

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